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Hermitage of the White Friars

A magical place, the essence of spirituality, where time seems to stand still. This is the image now and evermore that is imprinted on you as you come to the Hermitage of the White Friars.

In the heart of the beautiful Marche hills, embedded in rock, lies a place full of history and magic.
It is the path that one must take to leave behind the hustle and bustle of modern life and discover the riches that only a few places are able to give by touching your soul.

Discovering the wood of the Gola del Corvo, bend after bend, you will be catapulted into an enchanted and uncontaminated place.


A Place without Time

Catching your attention at first will be the sound of the streamlet that will accompany the very beginning of your ascent. Entering deeper and deeper into the forest, you will be caught by the richness of flora as you see squirrels scurrying in and out of the trees. Plants and herbs, studied since ancient times by the Camaldolensian monks, are in fact one of the hidden treasures of the area.

As you approach your destination, a long alley lined with century old oaks and maple trees will take you to the main garden of the Hermitage of the White Friars. The complex is located in the shade of a large rock wall, that preserves the ancient caves where monks lived a life of meditation and prayer.

Location of the Hermitage

The Hermitage is located between Cupramontana and Poggio Cupro, a stone's throw from the highway that connects Rome to the Adriatic coastline and close to the major urban centers of the Marche region. It is historically linked to the founding of the Congregation of the Camaldose monks of Monte Corona by B. Paul Giustiniani (1520-1522). The title Hermitage of the Caves derives from the presence of the caves dug into the sandstone that were inhabited by hermits since the year 1000.


Surrounded by nature

The hermitage offers its guests a place of peace, rest and meditation. Here the days are still marked by the rhythms of nature, the dominating dimension of the location. There are, in fact, six acres of woods that surround the Hermitage, which are characterized by a dense forest vegetation and, thanks to the favorable climate, there are many rare species such as the black alder, the maidenhair fern, red lily, the tailed arisaro, the pyramidal orchid, to name just a few.

Getting married at the Hermitage

The historic structure, inserted into the delightful valley full of vegetation in the heart of the Marche region, lends itself to become a magical and exclusive place to celebrate a unique wedding.

Depending on the number of guests and your personal needs, you can perform the ceremony within the Church of St. Joseph, with its original ancient features. For small groups it is also possible to facilitate the wedding ceremony in the charming Chapel, adjacent to the Church with it’s anicent splendor & masterfully restored features.

Sposarsi all'Eremo

THE location for your wedding

For those, however, who prefer to enjoy nature and the landscape, there are many places and views, ranging from the internal cloister, to the main park which overlooks the ancient caves set in the rock. In case of bad weather it is possible to have your Wedding in an under cover location within the park where it is possible to continue to enjoy the surrounding landscape. A very special memory for you to take away is the view of the Hermitage at night, lit by torches, candles and the starry sky.

Hospitality and welcome

The Hermitage of the White Friars is a building complex that is spread over several levels and has different spaces; ranging from the charming inner cloister with two ancient caves, the first with an old wash basin and the second used as a food store, thanks to the practical chilled temperature.

You can also hear the sounds of crystal clear fresh water from springs & wells that have appeared around the Hermitage.


Staying at the Hermitage

The main building offers the opportunity to stay in one of the 12 cells of the monks, carefully restored to preserve the old world charm. All are equipped with private bathroom and in some of these rooms you can still see the original frescoes, for example in the "suite", which is usually reserved for the bride and groom. Here was once located the ancient library of the Camaldolese who, besides being expert and able scribes, were also copious printers. Today their works are preserved in the library of Cupramontana.

Experience the Hermitage on the day of your wedding

The Hermitage is open throughout the year and, depending on the season, it will be our pleasure to accompany you to explore this unique and exclusive location. You can send us an email to arrange a meeting, without obligation, during which we will get to know each other and understand how to turn your dream into reality. Let us know in advance via email the wedding date and a list of your needs so we can already think of suggestions for our first meeting. The strong bond that we have with this special place pushes us to always give our best to make your wedding day a very special one that fully meets your desires!

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An all-round service

The staff of the Hermitage of the White Friars is at your disposal to organize your dream wedding, creating tailor-made packages, designed and tailored according to your needs. Ample space is given to the management of catering, giving you the benefit of the support and expertise of highly specialized companies selected by the Hermitage of the White Friars or choose by you personally.


To accompany the bride and groom step by step, the staff of the Hermitage of the White Friars have created an agenda for the bride and groom complete with a wedding list that will help you plan your perfect wedding including all the details!

The first step fix the date

Choose church or town hall

Location & catering: Eremo dei Frati Bianchi

Define the size and style event

Establish budget

Draw up guest list

Look for the dress and make a beauty program

Fill in the Wedding List

Order invitations and participations

Choose a florist, a music

Book favors

Buy faiths

Program honeymoon